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As we dismantle the store fixtures, and move stock and 

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ECO Paint and Coatings Supply

Proudly serving the following communities: Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas, Stoney Creek, Waterdown, Winona, Binbrook, Mount Hope (Mt. Hope), Flamborough, West Flamborough, Green Mountain, Glanbrook, Hannon, Westdale, Jerseyville, Grimsby, Lincoln, West Lincoln, Morriston, Puslinch, Smithville, Calendonia, Hagersville, Jarvis, Port Dover, Tyneside, Caistorville, Canborough, Empire Corners, Cayuga, Jordan, Beamsville, Brant, Brantford, Oshweken, Paris, Cambridge, Harrisburg, Bruces, Branchton, Glen Morris, Burlington, Oakville, Milton and more...

"...The quality of a paint is at least as important as the skill of the person applying it..."

ECO Paint and Coatings Supply

As such, the "clear-cut" choice for earth-friendly paint products is the "ultra-premium" line of GREEN FRIENDLY PAINTS by DuROCK. We urge to give them a try, and, compare them what you use now...

///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Our Story /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

We started as professional painters. We had always chosen to source, and use, the best quality paints we could find. More specifically, what we were looking for were premium paints, offering high performance and durability, respect for the environment, and, care for the health of our painters and customers, and, a paint line that was made in Canada, to Canadian standards, and which were meant to be used in the Canadian environment that "we all love." We wanted all these things to be taken into consideration when the manufacturer want formulating the paints. And finally, we were looking for a product line that was sold at extremely competitive rates, so we could pass these savings on to our customers. We had used, and, been happy with a high-quality line of paints which had been made in Canada. However, when the paint company we preferred - our "house brand" - got sold to a large foreign paint retailing conglomerate, and, they started changing the paint formulations, raising prices, we were concerned. We soldiered on for a while. When the foreign company started dropping some of our favourite lines, and/or when the paints we knew and liked were "out of stock" repeatedly, which affected OUR CUSTOMERS, we decided we needed to make a change. So, we stared researching paint lined which hopefully met our criteria. We tried several brands; in most cases, the quality was not there. We did not want to simply go back to another one of the big foreign brands; some of which do a great job of marketing, and, in some cases, offer decent paints. However, in our opinion, these paints are over-priced, and, do not "check" the other boxes on our list...

Then someone suggested we call DuROCK, and, check out their new line of "Green Friendly Paint." We did. We got samples... we were impressed. We started painting select customer jobs; we were even more impressed. Our painters reported back to us that this was some of the best paint with which they had EVER worked. In short, they loved it. And, more importantly, our customers loved it. Over the course of a year, we tested EVERY line of paint offered by GFP, in a variety of conditions and projects. We looked at all of our stated requirements: made in Canada...CHECK... Environmentally friendly... CHECK... highest qualityv and performance... CHECK...fantastic price point... CHECK. Could this be true? It was. 

We decided to make GFP our "house brand." We loved this product, and knew all of our customers would love it as well.

But, after thinking about it, we decided that it should not only be OUR customers to benefit from this paint; why not sell it to other professional painters, tradespeople, and, other customers as well. We approached DuROCK and, they agreed to grant us a master distributorship for South-Western Ontario. Eco Paint and Coatings Supply was born! 

It was a beautiful thing! HHP could offer great paints at great rates to their customers, and this relationship continued uninterrupted for several years. Then, sadly, GENERAL PAINT was sold to a large Mexican company - although they largely left GENERAL PAINT intact, and operating as it had been. Then, in 2013, GENERAL PAINT was sold again, this time to a major U.S.-based paint retailer. As one might expect from an American conglomerate, in due course of time, the GENERAL PAINT stores were re-branded and/or started disappearing, and, some of the paint formulations HHP (and our customers) had loved for years started being altered.
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With an unsure supply chain, and other issues, HHP had to make some hard choices: we decided to go back to the marketplace and start looking for a new "house brand" to provide to our customers. Naturally, as a painting contractor, we were aware of, or had used, almost all of the major foreign brands - including all of the big American brands which dominated the market now. Sadly, there were very few major Canadian paint lines left; they had all been "gobbled up" by big foreign conglomerates.

While some of the "mass-market" foreign brands were and are quite good, in our opinion, they are greatly over-priced, and, in some cases, we believe the old adage to be true... "you are only paying for the label or brand." Of course, value is in the eye of the beholder... so to speak.

And so... we started testing... and testing... and testing. We tried many different lines, and, many different products. We just kept coming back to this "brand new" paint line on the market called "GREEN FRIENDLY PAINTS by DuROCK", as being a paint line with consistently great performance.

In fact, we tested GFP against a number of the so-called "ultra premium" foreign products available on the market here. GFP either performed as well - in our opinion, speaking as painters - or better, in most of the tests we conducted. The more we used the GFP paints, the more we liked them.

Made in Canada, environmentally friendly, health "friendly" with low or no VOC's, recycled content, good corporate citizens, fantastic price points, superior performance... it checked all the boxes for us!

But, what did our customers think? Well, we conducted some in-house testing with the GFP 750 line against the competing "ultra premium" paint products from the big foreign brands... the customers either could not discern a difference, or, actually preferred the GFP paint on the walls of their homes, when asked.

Granted, our tests we not "scientific," or done in "controlled environments." Rather, the tests were just for our own purposes in making some business decisions. Don't take our word for it: we would prefer if our customers and readers make up their own minds as to the quality of the GFP paint products by trying them yourselves!

We liked the GFP line a great deal. And, given the withdrawal from the market of our previous house brand, and, in our minds, the existence of a large "hole" in the market for a high-performance, reasonably priced paint line for tradespeople to offer their customers...ECO Paint and Coatings Supply was born!

We approached DuROCK ALFACING, a great all-Canadian local company success story, and asked them for an area distributorship, from which we could sell their superlative GFP paint products to tradespeople, property developers, professional painters, institutions, independent retailers, and other large-volume users. Before you knew it, we had a warehouse and showroom location in downtown Hamilton being fitted out to service all of South-western Ontario. But, don't worry; even through we are focused primarily "wholesale to trade," you "DIYers," homeowners, and, other retail customers are always welcome too! Why shouldn't you save money on premium paints as well?

Stop by and see us... most of our staff are either former (or current) painters, or former retail paint employees or managers recruited from the big chains, who possess many years or decades of service and knowledge. They know their stuff, and, are always willing to answer any questions you may have.

And, we ALWAYS have painted sample walls for you to look at; view and touch the paint. We encourage it! The coffee is always on, and, you are always welcome.