Getting ready for painting day >>


Everything we note below is intended to make your painting job "flow" as easily as possible, and to ensure you get the best possible painting results, whether you are painting yourself as a "DIY" project, or, you have hired a "PRO" to do your painting...

Things you can do before your painters arrive to help:

 Please clear an area, convenient to the area to be painted, but preferably secure from pets and children, that can be used as a temporary "work area / mixing area." Ideally, this space will have an impervious floor surface; tile, linoleum, concrete... etc... Spaces to consider would be laundry rooms, walk-in pantries, temperature-controlled sunrooms, basements, attached garage, or the like. If no such spaces are available, then a corner which is out of the way will suffice. Please take precautions to ensure that no children or pets can access the painting materials or other tools to ensure their safety. ANY paints - even ecologically "friendly" paints or coatings could be toxic for children, pets, or, anyone else. 

  Please ensure access to a water source, and drain, for clean-up.

  Please vacuum / sweep / dust any areas to be painted; well in advance of painting. The less particulate matter in the air, the better your paint job will be. 

   If possible, make sure the areas being painted are empty of furnishings. This will allow access to paint the area properly, without having to spend time moving and covering furniture, etc... "Time is money," as they say, and the more time you save on labour, the more money you save. Of course, if you would like this to be done for you check out our painting affiliates.

  If you cannot easily remove the furnishings and belongings, but, are able to move them within the room yourself, place all large items "stacked" in the center of the room prior to painting.

PLEASE NOTE: painters will require FOUR FEET (1.2 METERS) of CLEAR WORK SPACE AS AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM for each wall being painted. 

  Remove all draperies, blinds, or other wall coverings (you may want to detach any mounts or brackets for the window coverings if you like). Remove any pictures, mirrors, diplomas, etc.. from the walls. Remove any nails or screws; they should pull out easily. You might also consider removing any Television or speaker mounts, if you would like the wall behind them painted. Of course, if needed, our painting affiliates can provide this service for you. 

  If you are having your entire home painted at one time, or, if you are painting or staining your stairs,  you may want to consider "going on vacation" (if you can)  or staying elsewhere until the painting / staining is complete. This will allow the painters to properly "seal everything up" prior to painting, which protects your belongings and reduces clean-up at the very end. And, of course, this saves you money! Again, if everything is sealed and protected, the home will be largely "unusable" or "unlivable" for a few days. And, if the painters are spraying, you really cannot be in the home in any case. Of course, if needed, our painting affiliates can provide this service for you. 

Why not take the money you save, and pay for part of a "getaway" for you and your family!