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Did you know that ECO PAINT and COATINGS SUPPLY has a fully equipped paint booth available for rental by professional painters?

Please note: ONLY professional painters with spray experience are permitted to rent the booth... sorry, but amateurs and DIYers are not permitted to rent the booth at this time. HOWEVER, we would be pleased to paint anything you need painted for you! 

PROFESSIONAL PAINTERS can either rent our booth, or, ask us to paint your trim, doors, kitchen cabinets... whatever you have in our custom paint booth. 
Please note: our booth will take trim items to a maximum of 10 feet in length. We can easily accommodate painting several doors at one time as well, and, any other items that will fit through a standard 32" wide door. Drying racks and overhead hooks for hanging items are provided. 
How does it work? SIMPLE! Just use the web form on this page to reserve your dates in advance, or, simply give us a call. 

The rate is $125.00 per day, or, $500.00 for 5 business days (one work week) - from 9am to 5pm only.  Partial day rentals are not available. A deposit will be required. 

We will provide the spray gun, compressor, and, paint lines, and, paint reservoir. You must provide your own paint sprayer tips and filters - or feel free to purchase them from us. 
NOTE: in our booth we ONLY SPRAY water-based acrylic enamel or vinyl hybrid paints, and, you must purchase the paint from us. NO OUTSIDE PAINTS, SOLVENT-BASED PAINTS, SHELLAC-BASED PAINTS, OR OIL BASED PAINTS ARE PERMITTED... only the highest-quality GFP paint or other lines we carry are permitted. 

That's it - as simple as that! Bring your project down and get spraying!

OR... if you don't have the time or expertise, bring us your trim, doors, or cabinet project, and, WE WILL SPRAY IT FOR YOU! That's right... we are happy to professionally spray your items in our booth for you... we charge $55.00 per hour, with a minimum charge of $110.00 plus HST and the cost of the paint. What a deal! Paint all your trim or doors BEFORE YOU INSTALL THEM!!!

Other CONTRACTORS and TRADES, and, "DIY'ers" ARE ALL WELCOME to take advantage of this service. 



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